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Southern Mortgage Group, LLC of Texas, wants to insure your success in all stages of home buying or home ownership by assisting the potential or current Texas Homeowner in satisfying their needs through a reverse mortgage.

We assist in helping you to learn about financing options including down payment assistance, if needed, and . . .

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Reverse mortgages actually offer you 4 big benefits — not one.

A reverse mortgage is a loan that lets you use your home equity in 4 ways — all helping you with retirement.

The 4 Big Benefits of Reverse Mortgages

1. No More Monthly Mortgage Payments: If you have an existing mortgage on your home, then part of your reverse mortgage loan amount will be used to completely pay off that loan. The good news here is that this means NO MORE monthly mortgage payments.  Just think what you can do with that money!  This is not a one-time infusion of cash, this is an ongoing monthly improvement to your budget! Yippee!

2. You Own Your Home: When you get a reverse mortgage you still own your home.  Even though you are borrowing some of your home equity, you will be able to do anything you want with your house and live there as long as you please. Home ownership means that you need to retain at least some of your home equity stake.  Therefore, you are never able to borrow the full value of your home but that is more than a fair exchange for the peace of mind of being able to stay put without worry.

3. Flexibility: When you get a reverse mortgage, you are only borrowing a fraction of your home’s value.  This leaves you with more financial flexibility for the future. These reserves give you access to additional options to use more money later: downsize, relocate or potentially leave an estate to heirs. Your equity reserve is the amount of money you still have in home equity.  This can be a valuable source of security for your future.

4. Cash: Most reverse mortgage borrowers also get access to cash (or a home equity line of credit).  You can use this money any way you want.  And, it can be exciting to see how much money you can get from a reverse mortgage! (Just remember that the other benefits of these loans may be of a greater long-term value to you than the cash you get up front.) For example, your unused portion of your Line of Credit grows each month that it is not used.

What is YOUR Reverse Mortgage Loan Amount Today?

The amount of home equity you can access through a reverse mortgage generally starts at about 41% of the value of your home at the earliest age you are eligible for this product — 62.  As you get older, the percentage you qualify for increases.
Your loan amount is determined by a variety of factors including: your age, spouse’s age (if applicable), interest rates and the appraised value of your home (or the FHA lending limit of $636,150 — whichever is less).

Will Reverse Mortgage Loan Amounts Increase or Decrease in the Future?

There is no predicting the future — especially these days.

However, there are a few things to watch if you are concerned about how much money you can get from a reverse mortgage:

Interest Rates:  If interest rates rise, loan amounts are likely to decrease.  (Experts predict that interest rates will go up.)

Home Values: If your home’s value falls, your potential loan amount will likely decrease.

Politicians: Reverse mortgages are regulated by Congress and the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development.  The future of the program lies in their hands.

Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for You?

If you want to stay in your existing home and any of the following is true, then a reverse mortgage is worth a serious look:

  • You need to improve your financial situation
  • You would like to increase your financial flexibility
  • You would like to have a backup plan

I will be happy to give you an estimate of what a Reverse Mortgage will do for you if you will fill out the following simple questionnaire and send it to me. I will give you an estimate within 24 hours, so you can see what it means for your answers. We are proud to live in Texas and serve Texans but are not limited to that - we serve all of the US!

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